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This is St. John's United Church of Christ

Rev. Donald D. Jones, Pastor

9971 Plum Hill Church Rd Nashville, IL 62263

Plum Hill Township, IL


NOTICE: May 27th: Vacation Sunday (Visit the church of your choice). We return on June 3rd and begin our Summer Worship Schedule NO Sunday School - Morning Worship 9:00 am

"Just a lot of people, doing the best they can..."  John Stewart, "Mother Country", California Bloodlines

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Pastor's Notes: Vacation Sunday on May 27th. We return on June 3rd. Kids Sermon will feature the "Kids Parables". See you at 9am! 

Sunday Worship: 9th Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 3, 2018 9:00 am  

We gather in this place to worship together; to pray together and to praise the God of our faith, because it is our community gathering point. For no other reason, than we are God’s people and we need a place which is special; a place to express our faith and a place to grow our community. That is why we are here today. Join with me as we sing the praises of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Reading from the Gospel of Mark 2: 23-3:6 

"You Do What You Have To Do"

My initial reaction to today’s reading is that the disciples and Jesus display an irreverent attitude toward possessions (or what is theirs to have) and ritual (what is holy or special).

Jesus was walking to Capernaum to visit the local synagogue. His disciples were hungry and tired. As they walked through a wheat field, whose grain had ripened, they stopped and “picked the heads of wheat” from their stalks, so they might eat and be nourished in their long journey.

What would your reaction be, if I were to walk through your wheat fields with a group of 12 unknown (to you) men and begin to pluck the heads from the wheat you had produced through your hard labor and diligence. I imagine it would be the same as the Pharisees.

So what are we to make of this passage? I believe the answer lies less in Jesus’ views of the sabbath or of the synagogue or temple, and it likely wasn’t because he stirred up the political scene. It was more likely because he did God’s will. And when you do God’s will you face human consequences, for better or worse. And in Jesus’ case, for worse. “ 6 And with that, the Pharisees got together with the supporters of Herod to plan how to destroy/kill Jesus.”